nia andrews

I noticed you're a fan of Betty Carter.. did you know her/meet her.. get to see her live?
Betty is my favorite. Saw her in Chicago once. "This is Always" is my favorite recording of hers.. yours?

nia andrews responded on 12/08/2011

how lucky you are to have seen her live! i never had the pleasure of seeing her perform nor of meeting her. i do know people who have played in her band and gone through the jazz ahead program and love hearing their stories about her. she sounded like a character!

i first got up on her with the "inside betty carter" album, which i love love love. and i also dig the one with ray charles. but i think my absolute fave is "droppin things". ESPECIALLY the song, "30 years".

check this killin performance. she was SO FRICKIN DOPE!

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